Kony 2012 Funded by Anti-gay Organisations

15 Oct

Through research of the Invisible Children’s tax forms it has come to light that the group received funding from anti-gay organizations as well as having financial ties to evangelicals. The Daily Mail reported that the National Christian Foundation gave Invisible Children ‘$350,000 in 2007 and $414,000 in 2008 to the group’, as well as funding anti-gay rights groups and opponents to equal marriage rights. The mission of the National Christian Foundation is ‘enable followers of Christ to give wisely to advance His Kingdom’ (Huffington Post, 2012). According to Jezebel.com (2012) ‘Invisible Children had appeared on the radar screen of some of the world’s largest Christian fundamentalist grant-making organizations’. In 2006 Invisible Children’s first yearly report gave “special thanks” to the Caster family Foundation and in 2007 they directly thank Terry and Barbara Caster (Jezebel, 2012). The Caster Family ‘one of the biggest financial backers of California’s anti-same sex marriage Proposition 8’ (Jezebel, 2012), donating $162,500 (Huffington Post, 2012). The National Christian Foundation also interestingly funds ‘Ed Silvoso’s Harvest Evangelism — all extremely active antigay fundamentalist organizations. Some of these groups have ties to Uganda, too, like Ed Silvoso, who works with Julius Oyet, the Ugandan author who claims that “even animals are wiser than homosexuals” and has been working to promote the Anti Homosexuality bill (also called the “kill the gays bill”) in his country’ (Jezebel, 2012).


Daily Mail. 2012, Kony 2012 filmmakers under fire for funding from anti-gay Christians, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2114181/Kony-2012-filmmakers-funding-anti-gay-Christians.html#ixzz29LTRKeoB, 15/10/2012.

Huffington Post. 2012, Kony 2012 Funding: Invisible Children Accepted Money From Anti-Gay Christian Groups, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/19/kony-2012-funding-invisible-children-anti-gay-christian_n_1364069.html, 15/10/2012.

Jezebel. 2012, Kony 2012 and Invisible Children are Funded by Antigay Creationist Groups, http://jezebel.com/5892566/kony-2012-and-invisible-children-are-funded-by-antigay-creationist-groups, 15/10/2012.


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